Oltrarno's restaurants

There’s plenty for a hungry palate too: Oltrarno is full of traditional and relaxing restaurants for lunch or dinner.


Atelier de' Nerli

A refined bistro, open for lunch and dinner, where you can enjoy revisited traditional Tuscan dishes. Chefs here use only seasonal ingredients and the restaurant offers an important selection of wines and spirits. The Atelier de' Nerli is also something of great beauty: all the furnishings have been handmade by the best craftsmen in Oltrarno and the restaurant, designed by Daniele Cavalli, often attracts international clientele: an absolute must.

Visitors of Oltrarno I88I Apartments and Grand Hotel Baglioni will be entitled to a 10% discount at lunch and dinner.


Antico ristoro di' Cambi

Just a short walk from Oltrarno 1881 Apartments, in Piazza del Tiratoio, the restaurant Antico ristoro di' Cambi will give you a real taste of authentic Tuscan cuisine. Although the interior is extremely refined, it is rustic and leaves you feeling like you’ve stepped back in time; it boasts arched, red brick ceilings, wooden tables and bar stools, a ventilation system with exposed copper pipes, hams strung from the ceiling and a deli style counter at the entrance where you can admire all of the exquisite produce.


Santo Bevitore

Located in the very heart of the Oltrarno area, over the years Santo Bevitore has become one of the most representative restaurants in Florence. The atmosphere is very welcoming, with a vaulted ceiling and a high dark wooden counter where you can sit and sip a good wine. The menu is varied and offers not only traditional Tuscan cuisine, but also vegetarian and haute-cuisine dishes.


L'OV - Osteria Vegetariana

If you love vegetarian cuisine with a creative twist, this restaurant in Piazza del Carmine is for you. At the OV you can try revisited Tuscan dishes that perfectly represent their "l'OV for all" philosophy: the menu includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.


Mad - Souls and Spirits

Though the city is known for traditional Tuscan cuisine and the prestigious Florentine steak, drinks are also important. Mad - Soul & Spirits is a cocktail bar which uses only the best ingredients for the highest quality drinks in an informal environment. The motto of this particular pub located in Borgo San Frediano is "drink like you're serious, act like your mad".

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